Heydays (2018) – with The Brouhaha Theatre Project

Sixteen audience members follow an insular high school friend group as they stumble from adolescence to adulthood. But in this show’s beguiling world, a coming-of-age might just come around more than once. What are wayward youth to do when faced with the opportunity to turn back the clock and re-write their most precarious moments? 

The Brouhaha Theatre Project makes its return to Prospect Park with a dreamy immersive experience that takes its audience into some of the park's most enchanting corners.

Conceived by Nick Auer, Max Pendergast, and Sam Myers
Direction by Nick Auer and Max Pendergast
Writing and Associate Direction by Sam Myers
Choreography by Mary Anne Bodnar
Culinary Design by Lydia O'Brien
Website and Graphic Design by John Goodman
Featuring and created in collaboration with Hanna Allerton, Daina Njuguna, Ciaran Walsh, Dan Kuan Peeples, Alexandra Tweedley, Tom Mezger, John Goodman, and Annette Hammond.

Choreography and performance: Riley Hopkins and Mary Anne Bodnar 13th Annual F.A.B. Winter Dance Showcase on March 3, 2018 at the Gendron Franco Center. Music by the Velvet Underground

And since these are very serious times (2018)

Choreography and performance: Mary Anne Bodnar and Riley Hopkins

And since these are very serious times (2018)  juxtaposes straight and curved linearities. Growing from a choreographic exercise introduced by David Parker, this duet embraces circular pathways, and encourages the performing bodies to find peace and intimacy within the framework of patterned spatial habits. 

The friend nobody likes (2016)

The friend nobody likes expanded on the integration of standup comedy and modern dance in a group setting. How can a group of individual bodies, with their inherently poetic bodies, conjur up a variety of readings into the spoken cynicism and share insecurities of the heard standup comedians. 

Sparkle (2015)

Sparkle began the exploration of the integration of standup comedy and modern dance. By stringing together a series of previously recorded sound bytes of standup comedy, the juxtaposed performing body allows for the display of an alternative narrative onstage.