Sparkle  (2015). PC: Phyllis Graber Jensen

Sparkle (2015). PC: Phyllis Graber Jensen

Artist Statement: 

I create contemporary dance works that process my own sense of self. I create movement by following intuitive impulses to physicalize my imaginings. I craft sound scores that please my ears, and then I juxtapose these two components, allowing their raw coexistence to tell me what I want my dance to say. I trust my intuition in bringing them together, and I see my role as an artist to reveal the fully expressive power of their marriage. I project onto the stage my internal musings, in the hopes that they will sharpen the hearts and minds of those who see and connect to my work. The performing body can become through choreography a readable site of reflection and self-discovery.


Mary Anne Bodnar is a dancer, choreographer and writer based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work combining standup comedy and modern concert dance has been shown throughout New England, most recently at the Estrogenius Festival in NYC. After graduating from Bates College, she trained with the Vertigo International Dance Program in Jerusalem, Israel where she performed works by Rina Wertheim and Shizuka Yamaguchi. Her current project is choreographing for Brouhaha Theater Project’s immersive experience in Prospect Park for August 2018.