Artist Statement: 

April 2019

My work is how I process my experience in the world. I follow intuitive impulses to create shapes in motion, and then craft context around those movements to share poignant, thoughtful and personal stories. I’m drawn to how the timing of a sound score can invite projections of meaning onto movement, and I’m committed to exploring the intersection of dance and text in order to share and invite stories. At present, I’m enjoying how the crafted timing of stand-up comedy routines can intersect with the earnestness of movement for movement’s sake.

I offer a dedicated presence in performance, and I hope my choreography is imbued with analogous intention. Thoughtful, humble work excites me. 

Every so often I try to dive into a new somatic practice that will expand my understanding of how the body works, and I trust this influx of knowledge to shape my artistic inclinations like rapids on a river bed. I’m working on trusting that my internal intentions will externalize in physical movement. Can I refrain from immediately choreographing shape, and instead commit to an intention that brings any shape to life?


Mary Anne Bodnar is a New York City native dedicated to movement, the written word, and thoughtful productivity. Her work combining comedy and movement has been shown throughout New England, most recently at the 2018 Estrogenius Festival in New York City. After graduating from Bates College, she trained with the Vertigo International Dance Program in Jerusalem, Israel where she performed works by Rina Wertheim and Shizuka Yamaguchi. Her most recent project was choreographing for Brouhaha Theater Project’s immersive devised performance Heydays set on a traveling course throughout Prospect Park in the summer of 2018. She is the Media and Communications Manager for Movement Research where she continues to cultivate her love for considerate and driven communities.